Zidoo Z10

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Zidoo Z10

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Zidoo X20
Functional overview
430MM Standard cabinet Size, All aluminum alloy chassis
New upgrade version Realtek 1296 Quad-Core 64 bit A53 processor, High quality high-power SMPS.
2G DDR4 Memory, 16GB eMMC Super Built-in Storage,gigabit wired, 802.11 AC 2T2R 867Mbps WIFI,
Bluetooth 4.1
Abundant InterfaceSATA3.02, USB 2.02, USB 3.01, TYPEC 1, Coaxial Cable1, Optical Fiber1 ,
LeftRight Channels1, AV Output1, Infrared Input1, RS2321, HDMI OUT2, HDMI IN 2.01
Full function with backlight Bluetooth-Infrared-Learning three-in-one remote control, remote control
without dead Angle.
Super Lager front LED Display.
Independent Dual SATA 3.0 Ports, NSS Patented metal hard disk extractor can Build-in two High-Capacity
Hard Disk.
Smart temperature control with dual Balls and High Static Pressure Fan.
Dual HDMI output Audio and Video separation, without upgrading the original amplifier, the old generation
of power amplifier function 4K and HD Audio too
New quality optimization engine technology, Optimized HDR to SDR Algorithm. Play 4K HDR which
Restoring primitive color even without HDR TV.
Detailed Frame switching and resolution switching. (23.976,59.94,25,30,50,60)
4K 60P Point to Point Output, Color Region HDRHDR10, 10Bit Color Depth, 10.7 hundred million
kind of colors.
True 4K 60P decode, H.265HEVC 10Bit Hard solution.
Support 4K UHD Blue-Ray Navigation
Powerful subtitle function, Support random change any fonts with different color effects; Support
download subtitle online; Support SUP&ASS special effects subtitles
Unparalleled Wall-Poster Function, Full automatic scan, Automatic classification and sorting movies
and dramas. Customer Layout.
Break the Android SRC limitation, and the audio adoption rate maximum supports 192K output;
Soundtrack support SACD, DFF, DSF, APE, FLAC, WAV and etc Free lossless audio formats;
Support CUE track; Support cell phone control without having to open the display device to listen to music.
Support NFS, SMB, V2, SMB V1 multiple shared protocols.
Support HTTP, RS232(Control on-off), Control4 Multiple ways to control.